Marriage is… reckless.

You risk your entire life with one person. Trusting them to stand by your side. Trusting yourself to be that person by their side.
It can go either way and all you have is each other.
Mandi and Juaquine are two people that really truly taught me that a reckless abandonment is exactly what you need.


Their complete love and joy in celebrating one another was inspiring. Mandi glowed with the love in her soul. Juaquine beamed like a third grader who just won the school spelling bee (a.k.a. he looked like the luckiest man alive).




After we had warmed up, I asked if Juaquine knew how to dip Mandi. His response? “Oh yeah we actually take ballroom dance together and know many dips, Which would you like to see first?”
It’s safe to say that I melted a little bit on the inside before shouting “ALL. OF. THEM. NOW……please.”




It’s been a while since we did this shoot. But every time I come back to this shoot, my heart warms so much.
They’ve past the honeymoon stage in their marriage, past some extreme hardships, and have now hit a point where, against all odds, they’ve continued to choose one another.
And their relationship… I don’t even know how to describe it… But it’s breath-takingly beautiful.




After bringing out their cameras and sketch journals, we walked the the roads of Alaska Land and ended up at the Salmon Bake.
There, they were playing music and the Silvieras took to their ballroom dance class knowledge. We ended the evening with Mandi’s dress twirling as Juaquine spun her around again and again.
Everything about the way they moved, completely in sync and in tune with the other, made me want to stare reckless abandonment in the face and say I’m ready.



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