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Meet Emma

It all happens in a moment. A split second and then it’s gone forever. The first look between a bride a groom. The kids all playing happily. Grandma and Grandpa dancing in the sunset. Love. Joy. Connections. It’s hard to find the right photographer for this. Someone who you can connect with and feel comfortable with. You’re giving them you and your most tender … Read More Meet Emma


Juaquine and Mandi

Marriage is… reckless. You risk your entire life with one person. Trusting them to stand by your side. Trusting yourself to be that person by their side. It can go either way and all you have is each other. Mandi and Juaquine are two people that really truly taught me that a reckless abandonment is exactly what you need.


Tom & Morgan

I met Morgan four years ago at a small Bible school on a sheep farm near Carnforth, England.   She is one of the dorkiest and most compassionate ladies I know and the Lord Jesus has blessed me for keeping us together this long! When she asked me to shoot her wedding in Kelowna, I was absolutely honored to be able to give her … Read More Tom & Morgan