“This lady is a terrific photographer! Professional, fun, organized, and creative.” – Juaquine Silveira



“When looking for a good photographer, finding someone who knows how to work a camera is not the only important quality to look for. You need someone who makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera and can capture those precious little moments that happen in the blink of an eye. With Emma as our wedding photographer, I never had to think “I hope she got that!” because I knew she did…
…From teary parents to twirling children, Emma captured every special moment on our perfect day. During our formal photos, Emma made us laugh and feel confident and she even got the kids to smile and pose. The beautiful photos she gave us allowed us to relive that wonderful day. We are eternally blessed by her gifts and talent.” –Morgan Lange



“Emma was amazing! She did our wedding photos, and was so helpful through the entire process! It was amazing seeing her visions come to life and in line with what I dreamed for our wedding to look like.” –Debby Cogley

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